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Considerate Dental Care For Developing Teeth & Gums


The team at White Dental Datchet are proud to be a family-friendly dentist with the advanced skills and training needed to provide young patients with excellent dental care. 

From the gentle care of baby’s first tooth, to supportive and discreet teen teeth straightening, we know these early dental experiences are key to a positive attitude to oral care.  With careful and encouraging appointments, we try to ensure your child is relaxed in our clinic, helping prevent anxiety and securing the very best oral health habits now and into the future. 

With our state-of-the-art facilities, skilled team and considerate approach, we’re determined to help your child develop strong teeth and excellent oral habits for life. 

A Positive Introduction To Dentistry

One of the most important jobs we have at White Dental is giving our younger patients a positive introduction to dental care.

Our team is trained to help children feel comfortable not only in the dentist's chair, but in the whole clinic. Our gentle and caring approach and positive reinforcement ensures that your child will feel welcome, comfortable and relaxed, which is key to a positive relationship with their dental health.

If your child already has dental anxiety, we have a wealth of experience to help them overcome this problem. With the right care, your child can access the oral care they need without feeling stressed, anxious and worried.

Baby Teeth Care

Your child's baby teeth are so important because they help your child to chew and to speak. They also help save the space ready for permanent adult teeth to come through.

By the time your baby is around 6 months old they will have 20 baby teeth. As your child grows we will check that their teeth, gums, jaw and oral tissues are developing well. Any problems at this stage must be caught early, and treated to help avoid problematic issues like dental disease or misaligned teeth down the line.

If your child does develop dental problems - simple or complex - we can quickly stop the issue getting any worse.

Treatment may include general, restorative or orthodontic techniques depending on the problem. More often than not, treatment plans for complex issues use combined types of dentistry provided by our multidisciplinary teams.

You’ll be informed throughout, with regular discussions, diagnostics and transparent costings provided to you before you make any decisions about your child's care moving forward.

With our expertise and support we can help your child develop healthy teeth and gums throughout childhood for a confident, strong smile into adulthood.

Orthodontics (Braces) For Teenagers

White Dental Datchet provides regular dental care for children, including check-ups. A first orthodontic check-up will usually take place around the age of 8 or 9 to identify potential issues, even though active orthodontic treatments are most common at around 12 or 13. It’s very individual, and the timing is dependent on the child's unique needs.

If and when orthodontic intervention is needed we can ensure the correct diagnosis is obtained. We then provide a treatment plan to suit your child's needs, including options for discreet straightening such as Invisalign Teen. Invisalign Teen is a great option for teenagers who want to get a beautiful straight smile without the associated embarrassment and discomfort of traditional braces. This also provides a great option for those children who do not meet the criteria to receive metal braces under the NHS.

It’s designed for developing mouths, offering an effective alternative to metal braces. Speaking, eating and oral hygiene will be unaffected during treatment, which is so important at such a delicate age.

If you are based in Datchet and looking for a caring and considerate dentist for your children, please get in touch with the team at White Dental on 01753 541828 to arrange an appointment. We look forward to meeting you!

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