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Innovative Treatment For Missing Teeth


At White Dental Datchet we know just how devastating the loss of one, several or all your teeth can be. 

Tooth loss can be a huge source of embarrassment, causing problems with both the look and function of the mouth. Luckily, dental technology has advanced so much in the last decade, we now have a solution that is as close to replacing natural teeth as is currently possible. 

Dental implants are able to replace missing teeth with a strong, beautiful alternative that with the right care and attention, are with you for life.

At White Dental we are proud to offer Straumann dental implant treatment in all our clinics as the most comfortable and effective way to replace missing teeth. 

Why Dental Implants?

Dental implants are the closest alternative to natural teeth currently available. They look, and work, almost exactly like natural teeth, so much so, many people can’t tell the difference.

Strong & Secure
Unlike dentures which can slip, and traditional bridges which can fail, implants are incredibly strong. The implant itself is bonded to bone, so implant secured dentures, crowns, and bridges won’t move around when you use your teeth.

Jaw-bone Preservation
When we lose teeth, the bone supporting those teeth is absorbed, and we lose the structure of the face. This ageing effect is slowed with implants, helping maintain the integrity of your facial structure, for longer.

One Tooth Or Multiple Teeth Replaced
We can easily replace one tooth, or multiple missing teeth with dental implants. There are many different options available without having to undergo surgery each and every time.

Designed To Last
With the right maintenance, implants can last decades, and even a lifetime if they are properly cared for.

How do dental implants work?

Dental implants are essentially, replacements for your natural tooth root. They are made from a mixture of biocompatible metals that bond with your jawbone over a period of months. 

Once that bonding process is complete, an abutment is connected to the implant, and then a crown, bridge or dentures depending on the type of system you have opted for. 

In some instances, such as with All-on-4, you can have new teeth on the same day your implants are placed. 

The Dental Implant Process

The first step is coming in to see us at White Smiles. We’ll have a chat with you about your dental concerns and smile goals, then complete an examination of your jaw, gums, oral tissues and teeth. 

We may need you to have a special scan to determine your jaw bone density. If you do not have enough bone to support implants we can discuss bone grafting and similar procedures which can enable the implant treatment to go ahead. 

The Implant Procedure
After you have had the appropriate local anaesthetic, and elected sedation if requested beforehand, we will place your implants. It is an extremely precise, well-planned procedure and you’re unlikely to notice any discomfort at the time. 
Once the implants are in place, we will provide you with a detailed plan for aftercare to ensure you recover well. We may also add any temporary crowns or bridges if that is part of your plan. 

Implant Bonding 
You can return to work as soon as two days after your surgery. It is then a case of waiting for your implant to bond with your jaw bone, which can take a few months.

Once the implant has successfully bonded with the bone, you can complete treatment. We do this by creating custom dentures, bridges or crowns that are designed to fit in seamlessly with the rest of your mouth. 
The way your implants are maintained following treatment is essential to keeping them in great condition. We recommend White Smiles supports that process with regular hygienist appointments. 

Implant Q & A’s

Can I Get Implants?
Not everybody is suitable for dental implants, but most people with good levels of oral health are. We can check your suitability during your consultation at White Smiles, where we can advise you further. In many cases, if you are not immediately suitable for treatment, we can offer a range of treatments and steps to get you to that implant-ready stage. 

Are Dental Implants Safe?
White Smiles only offers thoroughly tried and tested treatments that are proven to be medically safe. Dental implant technology is now highly advanced, and the procedure is incredibly refined and precise. 
We also have a highly skilled team in our clinic, and we pride ourselves on maintaining meticulous levels of hygiene and safety. We really do want our patients to feel they are in the best possible hands when it comes to implant treatment at White Smiles.

Which Brand Of Implants Is Used By White Dental?
Traditional implants are sometimes associated with allowing the gradual bone loss in the jaw that can happen with missing teeth. We use Straumann implants which are treated to help prevent that loss from happening, preserving your facial structure and youthful features for longer. 

Do You Offer All-On-4 At White Dental?
We do offer All-On-4 treatment at our clinic. This innovative treatment, which allows you to have a full arch of teeth fitted in just one day, works well for all missing or compromised teeth apart from molars. The implants are tilted to boost their stability, which can also negate the need to have bone grafts. 

Are you suffering with missing teeth? Please call the team at White Dental Datchet to see how we can help.

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